Performative Installation
Glass balloons, aluminum, LED, 264x67x45cm, 2013
Glyptothek, Gemäldegalerie Academy of FIne Arts, Vienna
Space Odyssey II is built of laser-cut aluminum cadge, 18 hand made glass balloons with multicolor LED and a dxm, specially tuned 15,000 watt lighting system.
The sculpture is positioned among a collection of 450 antique statues and plaster casts of the most famous sculptures in art history in the Glyptothek of the Academy of FIne Arts, Vienna. Both the sculpture and the lightning system trigger an interaction between light and darkness. Together, the shapes, materials, light and darkness create a pattern on a psychological plane. The randomly changing light into darkness constellations inherently trigger numerous perceptive dimensions, which generate ephemeral monuments and sacred spaces composed of sensations, evoking a sense of “real” experience. This „Gesamtkunstwerk“ is thematically based on Kubrick’s Film Space Odyssey.